Sara the Super Decline

Sara is a Munny and is one of the first DIY toys that I saw live, bought it in Amsterdam because it was the only place where I found a Munny.
Sara is a tribute to one of my favourite songs: "The Decline" by Nofx.
The idea was to build a super-anti-hero who represented our decline, a personification of music. So I took the chaos ray gun and the hat that came in the box (surprise accessories) but a super-hero is nothing without a cape - plasticard!
The painting was done with acrylics and was based on an asymmetrical uniform, simple and solid with the exception of eyes and lips where I wanted a bit more life.
For the checkers on the cape and hat I was inspired by a little old tablecloth that my mother had. The entire white surface was covered with The Decline lyrics, painted with pen... The end!
By the way Sara is the name of a girl in the lyrics.

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