Orange Van der Nerd

THE FIRST- and it was on my trip to Amsterdam that I stumbled on the most beautiful, quaint and friendly toy I've ever seen: the Munny from Kidrobot.
I was completely glazed on the models and being a miniature painter my head boiled up with the options of that melon head. So I bought some crazy toys in Amsterdam...
The DIY Munny were not new to me, since I regularly follow the artist "extraordinaire" Mathieu Fontaine’s blog, but seeing them in person was something else! The concept of "anything goes" seemed fantastic!
Arriving in Portugal I started the office work: on a print version of the mini Munny I began to draw what would be a tribute to Amsterdam, Orange Van der Nerd, after all it was bought in Holland!
The Nerd was completed with the glasses. Do I need to explain why it is orange?
Painted with acrylics as usual.

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